50 Randomly Selected Questions  


1 10.    Did you do any temporary, part-time, or seasonal work, even for a few days, in 1997? Yes|No|Retired SPDy 

1 11h.    Approximately how many miles is it one way to the place you hunted migratory birds most often in State? Miles|Less than 1 mile|Don't know  H&F

1 15a.    Did this person live in this house or apartment 5 years ago on April 18, 1993? Person is under 5 years old|Yes, this house|No, outside the United States, print name of foreign country, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc., below|No, different house in the United States census2 

1 4f.    On how of those entered in (Number entered in item 3b) days did you feed wildlife? Day(s)|None noncUQ 

1 010.    How old was {child's name} when {he/she} began to have trouble hearing? At birth (PCA.030)|Less than 1 year old|Refused|Don't know ChildPrev 

1 20a.    Were you or any other member of this household present when this incident occurred? Yes|No CrInRp 

1 30.    Did the offender THREATEN to hurt you before you were actually attacked? Yes|No|Other CrInRp

1 18.    Did it happen outdoors, indoors, or both? Indoors, that is, inside a building or enclosed space|Outdoors|Both CrInRp

1 40.    Did you do anything with the idea of protecting YOURSELF or your PROPERTY while the incident was going on? Yes|No/took no action/kept still CrInRp

1 32.    Were any of the injuries caused by a weapon other than a gun or knife? Yes|No CrInRp 

1 6.    How often do you wash the dishes or load and empty the dishwasher? Never|Once a month|Once every two weeks|Once a week|Several times a week|Everyday ASAQ

1 12.    I have not been doing well in school because of my responsibilities at home. Strongly disagree|Disagree|I'm in the middle|Agree|Strongly agree ASAQ

1 180.    Please give me the number of the group. Puerto Rican|Cuban|CubanAmerican|Mexican/Mexicano|Mexican   American|Chicano|Hispanic|Other Latin American|Other Spanish or Hispanic|Refused|Don't know NHI 

1 040.    Is anyone else living or staying here now? Yes|No|Refused|Don't know NHI 

1 130.    Are you (number) years old? Neither is correct|Refused|Don't Know NHI

1 8a.     Birds? Yes|No noncUQ

1 8.       In which states did you go small game hunting from (Date of last interview) to December 31? H&F

1 7e.    On how many of those days were you hunting CHIEFLY for big game rather than some other kind of game? Days H&F

1 9e.    On how many of those days were you hunting CHIEFLY for small game rather than some other kind of game? Days H&F

1 23b.    How many people, including this person, usually rode to work in the car, truck, or van LAST WEEK? Drove alone|2 people|3 people|4 people|5 or 6 people|7 or more people census2

1 14.    When did this person come to live in the United States? Print numbers in boxes. Year census2 

1 30b.    How many weeks did this person work in 1997? Count paid vacation, paid sick leave, and military service. Weeks census2

1 27c.    Is this mainly Mark ONE box. Manufacturing?|Wholesale trade?|Retail trade?|Other, such as agriculture, construction, service, government, etc.? census2

1 6.    What is this person's race? White|Black, African Am., or Negro|American Indian or Alaska Native, print name of enrolled or principal tribe.|Asian Indian|Native Hawaiian|Chinese|Guamanian or Chamorro|Filipino|Japanese|Samoan|Korean|Vietnamese|Other Pacific Islander,p rint race.|Other Asian, print race.|Some other race, print race. Mark one or more races to indicate what this person considers himself to be. census2

1 25.    Does the monthly rent include any meals? Yes|No ACS

1 28.    What is the value of this property?That is, how much would this house or mobile home and lot, or condominium unit sell for if it were for sale? Dollar value ACS

1 30.    What is the annual payment for fire, hazard, and flood insurance on this property? Dollars annually|None ACS 

1 32.    How much is the regular monthly mortgage payment on this property? Dollars monthly|No regular payment required Include payments only on FIRST mortgage or contract to purchase ACS

1 34.    Does the regular monthly mortgage payment include payments for fire, hazard, or flood insurance on this property? Yes, insurance included in payment|No, insurance paid separately or no insurance ACS 

1 36.    How much is the regular monthly payment on ALL second and third mortgages and home equity loans? Dollars monthly|No regular payment required ACS

2 7.    In what U.S. State, territory, commonwealth or foreign country was this person born? ACS

2 9.    When did this person come to live in the United States? Year ACS

2 11.    What is the highest degree or level of school this person has COMPLETED? None, no schooling completed|Nursery or preschool|Kindergarten|Grade|12th grade, NO DIPLOMA|HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE, high school DIPLOMA or the equivalent, GED|Some college but no degree|Vocational, technical, or business school degree|Associate degree in college|Bachelor's degree, BA, AB, BS|Master's degree, MA, MS, MEng, MEd, MSW, MBA|Professional school degree, MD, DDS, DVM, LLB, JD|Doctorate degree, PhD, EdD ACS 

2 13a.    Did this person live in this house or apartment 5 years ago? Yes|No ACS

1 050.    During the past 12 months, did {child's name} ever receive child care in a place that cares for more than 6 children? This includes day care centers, preschool, nursery school, religious school, kindergarten, but does not include child care provided in this home. Yes|No|Refused|Don't know ChildPrev

3 010.    Does {child's name} now have a child safety seat? Yes|No|Refused|Don't know ChildPrev 

3 170.    During the past 12 months when wrestling, how often did {child's name} (a) wear a mouth guard to protect {his/her} mouth and teeth - all or most of the time, some of the time, once in awhile, or never? ChildPrev 

2 130.    Have you EVER been told by a doctor or other health professional that you had cancer or a malignancy of any kind? Yes|No|Refused|Don't know adcore1

2 061.    Have you delayed getting care for any of the following reasons in the PAST 12 MONTHS, such as you couldn't get through on the telephone, you couldn't get an appointment soon enough, once you get there, you have to wait too long to see the doctor, the clinic or doctor's office wasn't open when you could get there, or you didn't have transportation? Yes|No|Refused|Don't know Adcore4

1 3.    (Think about the weeks that you worked last year.) (Counting all jobs,) How many hours did (name/you) USUALLY work per week in 1997? Hours vary|hours SPDy 

1 170.    In the PAST YEAR, on those days that you drank alcoholic beverages, on the average, how many drinks did you have? drinks|Refused|Don't know Adcore4 

3 030.    When riding in a car, does {child's name} wear a seat belt all or most of the time, some of the time, once in a while, or never? All or most of the time|Some of the time|Once in a while|Never|Doesn't ride in a car|Refused|Don't know ChildPrev 

1 070.    Do the people who do not live and eat here have direct access from the outside or through a common hallway to a separate living quarters? Yes|No|Refused|Don't know NHI 

1 40.    Who sets the limits on what kinds of TV shows and movies you watch? You decide|Parent or parents set limits|Parent or parents and you decide jointly|Does not apply, don't watch TV shows or movies|Does not apply, don't have limits ASAQ 

1 43.    How often have you broken the limits about who you can hang out with? Never in the past month|One or two times in the past month|Once a week|Several times a week|Everyday or almost everyday in the past month|Does not apply - I set my own limits ASAQ 

1 6a.    On your trip(s) in (State) from (Date of last interview) to December 31, did you visit any areas on privately-owned land? Yes|No|Don't know noncUQ

1 12a.    From last interview to December 31, did you take SPECIAL INTEREST in wildlife around your home, other than simply noticing wildlife while doing other activities? By this I mean, did you closely observe wildlife or try to identify types of wildlife you did not know? Yes|No noncUQ 

1 24.    Were you given any indication that you would be recalled to work within 6 months of being laid off? Yes|No SPDy 

1 29A.    What is the name of the employer or company for which you worked the most weeks, the second most weeks, the third most weeks, and the fourth most weeks in 1997? SPDy 

1 35.    At this job, were you employed by government, by a private company, a non-profit organization, or were you self employed, or working in a family business or farm? Government|Private for profit company|Non-profit organization including tax exempt and charitable|Self employed|Working in family business or farm SPDy